Nicka K New York

Founded in the heart of New York City in 1995, Nicka K New York was built on the premise that beautiful, premium makeup should be an essential, attainable part of every woman’s daily life.  We set out to create professional-level makeup that was not only high quality but also affordable – proving that the best makeup is not always necessarily the most expensive.

Since our inception more than two decades ago, Nicka K New York has steadily progressed, expanding to offer not just makeup but also styling tools, accessories and now, K-Beauty skincare.  Already a prominent exporter to Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Australia, Nigeria, India, Kenya, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Nicka K is dedicated to pursuing further growth and building strong, lasting relationships with some of the leading retail chains and pharmaceutical stores globally.

No matter how much we expand, our primary commitment is – and always will be – to ensure customer satisfaction.  Throughout the years, we have become known for our consistent, dependable service, and we work tirelessly to enhance and guarantee the quality of our products.  Even in the midst of heavy competition, Nicka K New York remains unsurpassed, offering the best quality, value, and variety available today.